Ambroise Pare

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  • Ambroise Pare
    • Limitations
      • Cauterisation increased the risk of infection
      • Ligatures took a lot of time
      • Pare made minuscule discoveries
      • Small scale developments
      • Cauterisation was still used over 100 years after the idea of ligatures
    • Factors for Change
      • Limited the pain during treatment
      • Ran out of hot oil so made a new mixture that was more effective
      • Used ligatures (from silk thread) along with crows beak to stop blood coming out of arteries
      • New injuries from guns meant new surgery was required.
    • Main Ideas - Importance
      • Created drawings on his creations which he published in his book
      • Thought of the ideas of false limbs
    • Background
      • Born in 1510
      • Wrote his findings in French not Latin
      • Became a military surgeon
      • Worked in a hospital
      • Barber Surgeon
        • Became a military surgeon


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