Ambroise Pare

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  • Ambroise Pare
    • Background
      • He was born in France in 1510. He was an apprentice to his brother before becoming a surgeon. He became an army surgeon and treated sword and gunshot wounds. Died in 1590.
    • Before Pare
      • To stop the wound from bleeding they sealed it with a red hot iron. This was called cauterising
      • Doctors treated open wounds by pouring boiling oil on them. It was painful and often patients died
    • After Pare
      • He discovered that wounds healed a lot quicker without the boiling oil.
    • What he did
      • In order to stop the bleeding he tied a silk thread around the blood vessels to close them up
      • One day the boiling oil ran out and Pare decided to use an old remedy he had heard of and it worked.
    • Chance
      • Many other surgeons did not agree with the method he came up with.
      • The factor involved in this was chance.
      • The men that he treated with hot oil died, while the one he treated with egg yolks, oil of roses and turpentine had healed.




this website is actually fantastic it explains things too you properly and in a fun colourful way only one weakness is that u need a  Little more detail because I need it for a gcse course you get me

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