Factors affecting tourism growth

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  • Factors affecting tourism growth
    • Social and Economic
      • Since the 1990s, people have become more wealthy and now have more disposable income to spend on holiday.
      • Most families now have 2 working parents so more income to spend on tourism.
      • Smaller families are less expensive to take away.
      • Car ownership has dramatically risen and has caused domestic tourism to increase.
      • People have more leisure time and extended holiday pay.
      • Life expectancy is rising and people are retired for longer and so retired people have more time and money to travel.
      • Economic crisis such as recessions cause a decrease in global tourism growth.
      • Civil wars and political unrest also deter tourism and cause the rate of tourism to decrease.
    • Technology
      • The internet allows a wider variety of people to  book cheap holidays with ease.
      • Travel is now quick and easy due to motorways, airport expansion, faster jet aircrafts and an increase in car ownership.
      • Flying is cheap and online booking is quick and easy.
      • Domestic holidays have increased due to a rapid rise in oil prices causing travel prices to increase making domestic tourism more economically viable.
      • Advertising has caused mass tourism and resulted in a dramatic increase in tourism.
    • Holiday choice
      • In the 50s and 60s coastal resorts were extremely popular.
      • There are now a variety of different packages to choose from including all inclusive, half board and self catering.
      • A  market for extreme tourism and ecotourism is rapidly expanding as people are looking for something new and adventurous.
      • You can go virtually anywhere in the world and do many different activities depending on your preference, for example you can participate in charity projects or do extreme sports.


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