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  • Tourism
    • Why has tourism grown?
      • More leisure times (weekends and holidays)
      • More money - higher wages = more disposable income
      • Cheaper travel costs - growth of budget airlines
      • Better health - adults live longer and go on holidays in old age
    • External factors which affect tourism
      • Terrorist activitry
        • If a country is on a high terror alert, there will be fewer tourists.
      • Recession
        • This means less disposable income for the public, so they will be less inclined to go on holiday
    • Economic importance
      • The UK
        • Worth £115 billion - 8.7% of GDP
      • LEDCs are probably more reliant on tourism as they don't receive income from other areas.
      • Although MEDCs have more tourists, they are probably less reliant on it because they have other industries from which to generate income
    • Types of tourist jobs
      • Direct employment
        • Obviously employed in tourism - hotel worker, souvenir shop owner etc.
      • Indirect employment
        • As a result of tourism - local supermarket needs more workers because of tourists


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