Factors affecting energy security

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  • Factors affecting energy security
    • physical
      • disruption of supply lines by natural hazards
        • earthquakes
      • exhaustion of reserves
        • UK coal mines shut in 1980s
      • onshore deposits of oil and gas are easier to develop than offshore
      • limited amount of sun for solar power in some locations
    • environmental
      • environmental damage
        • caused by exploitation of energy resource
      • protests about environmental change
    • economic
      • rise in cost
      • exhaustion of domestic supplies forcing increased imports of higher-priced energy
      • most accessible and cheap resources are developed first
      • reached peak oil production in USA in 1970s
      • china has reached peak oil
    • geopolitical
      • political instability in energy-producing regions
      • disputes
        • sovereignty of resources
        • energy transmission by pipelines or cables across countries
      • foreign imports gives power to other countries
        • Russia
      • decreased political power for UK
        • Gas supply will run in 50 years time
    • human
      • population increase
        • increased need for energy
        • greater consumption of convenient fossil fuels


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