Energy Security

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energy security - un-interrupted access to reliable energy sources of supply to an affordable price, with exploitation not having an undue effect on the environment 

countries that have self-sufficent energy supplies are secure and countries that are reliant on importst are insecure. 

The security of a country is dependent on:

  • spatial variations 
  • timescale variations 
  • security can imporve - eg the USA makes use of new energy sources 
  • energy security can decrease to a number of factors including: rising consumption (eg China), there is a reliance on imports, where by the disruption of supply can take place at the source or along the pathway, and a pipeline or tankers dispute 

risks to energy security

physical risk - the reserves are exhausted 

  • North Sea oil and gas reserves are past their peaks 
  • the supply line and exploiatation are disrupted by natural hazards eg earthquakes in the Gulf of Mexico 

environmental risk - Green Protestors are increasing vociferous about environmental damage 

  • open cast coal mining or exploitation in sensitve areas eg Arctic 
  • greenhouse gas from the use of fossil fuel, the rising sea level and the building of nuclear power stations 
  • NIMBYISM can put off the development of eco-friendly development 

economic risk 

- the price of oil fluctuates - it impacts energy development and the cost 

- if there is a sudden rise in the cost of energy/exhaustion of supplies increase the risk to security 

geopolitical risk 

- polictical instability in the producing regions may affect energy supply in the producing regions 



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