extreme uk weather-2010

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  • extreme uk weather-2010
    • 25th november-26th december
    • cold air from Siberia + northern europe
    • several died from the cold weather/ accidents on icy roads
    • water pipes froze and burst. this caused leakages once they had thawed. 40000 homes and buisnesses were left without water for over a week.
    • schools were closed so parents had to have time off of work
    • snow covered almost the whole of the uk., over 50cm
    • damaged crops (sugar beet)
    • use of gas and electricity more than doubled increasiong co2 emissions.
    • transport networks disrupted, motorways shut (M8 closed for two days), trains and flights were cancelled and drivers were trapped in cars for over 15 hours
    • people were unable to work which effected the economy
    • Christmas is usually busy for shops but sales were down as shoppers were put off by the weather
    • overall there was an economic impact of around £1.6bil, it reduced the GDP by 0.5%
  • social impacts
  • environmantal impacts
  • economic imapcts


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