Extreme UK Weather

UK Case Study 

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  • Extreme UK Weather
    • Social
      • Several people died from hypothermia
        • Or accidents due to losing control on icy roads
      • Lots of water pipes drove in the cold weather and burst.
        • When they thawed, the pipes started to leak.
          • 40,000 homes and businesses across Northern Ireland were left without water, in some cases for over a week
      • Schools closed on multiple occasions, including 7000 schools on the 2nd of  December
        • This means that many parents had to take time off work to look after their children
    • Economic
      • Transport networks were severely disrupted.
        • Some motorways were shut, e.g. part of the M8 was closed for 2 days
        • Some drivers were trapped in their cars for over 15 hours
        • Trains and flights were also cancelled
      • The run up to  Christmas is a busy time for shops. In 2010 their sales were down put off by the weather.
        • As a result some people were unable to get to work, affecting the UK's economy
      • The overall economic impact of the cold period was around £1.6 billion - enough to reduce the UK's GDP by about 0.5%
    • Environmental
      • Snow covered almost all of the UK on several occasions
        • - To a depth of over 50 cm  in some hilly locations
      • The frost damaged crops, especially sugar beet
      • Use of gas and electricity was more than double a normal December, increasing CO2 emissions
    • When: 25 November to 26 December
    • Why: Cold air from northern Europe and Siberia used 2 long periods of very cold weather with a brief thaw in between




UK Weather Hazard Case Study. I prefer this over the Yorkshire floods

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