Khrushchev Thaw or continued repression

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  • Relaxation of state control (Thaw) or continued repression in post-Stalinist Russia & its satellites - Austria
    • 1955 Peace Treaty Austria (background)
      • USA trained 200 Austrian men/week, fearing a Berlin Blockade
        • But B-Gendarmerie  hired Wehrmacht veterans stopped denazification 1948
      • Austrian communists wanted to follow German model
        • Soviet Chairman Zhdanov vetoed 1948
      • Korean War sped up training - Int. Tension and economic crisis.
      • Planned removal of US food subsidies, drop in real wages
    • Austria
      • End of Koran War eased tension, Soviets relieved Austria (costs of) reduced army
      • UK, France reduced army, then Soviet military leader now Civil ambassador
      • Chancellor Raab (1953) removed Pro-Western. foreign minister Gruber, more neutral Austrian policy
      • Until Feb 1955, contingent to larger German problem.
        • Rearming West Germany (Paris Agreement) unacceptable to Soviets
      • Soviets suggested pan-European security to sped up German reunion, West suspicious again
      • Soviet diplomats secretly advised Molotov to unlink German and Austrian issues, to not delay Paris Agreement
        • Molotov publicly announced conditions for Austrian independence neutrality, no foreign military bases, and guarantees against a new Anschluss.


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