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  • Experiments
    • Variables
      • Independent Variables: The variable being manipulated.
      • Dependent Variable: The variable being measured.
      • Extraneous Variables - Any variables other than the IV that might effect the results
        • Particpant Variables: Particpant memory, personality, age, intelligence.
        • Situtional variables: Time of day, heat, demmand characthertistics.
        • Controlling for 2 different types of Extraneous Variables
          • Controlling Particpant Variables
            • Large sample and randomly seleted to gain representative samples.
            • Use repeated measures design or matched pairs deisgn instead of independent measures design
            • Randomly allocate particpants to condition.
          • Controlling Enviroment variables
            • Standardise: Keep everything the same for partipants
              • Standardised Procedure
              • Standardised Method
            • Controlling for order effects
            • Controlling for Demmand Charactheristics:
              • Deception - lying about the aim
              • Distractor questions/ tasks/actions
              • Sting blid: The particpants is unaqare of which condition they're in.
      • Confoudning Variables: Any variable other than the IV that had affected the results
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