Excretion- Liver

Made using OCR Biology textbook. Pages 36- 41. Hocking, Kennedy, Sochaki, Winterbottom.

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  • Excretion
    • Removal of metabolic waste from the body
    • CO2
      • Excreted via lungs
      • Excrete why?
        • Reacts with haemoglobin to form carbamino-haemoglobin
        • Respiratory acidosis
        • H+ ions compete with oxygen for space on haemoglobin
    • Nitrogenous compounds
      • Body can't store proteins/ amino acids
        • But contain a lot of energy, so wasteful to just excrete
      • Deamination
        • Ornithine cycle
    • The liver
      • Structure
      • Functions
        • Formation of urea
        • Detoxification
        • Destruction of RBCs
        • Breakdown of hormones
        • Storage of vitamins A, D and B12, iron and glycogen
        • Control of blood glucose, amino acid and lipid levels
        • Synthesis of RBC in fetus, bile, plasma proteins, cholestrol


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