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  • 1. American Gov:
    • Two reasons for Gov: 1) collective goals 2) provide benefits
      • 1) economic prosperity, security, national borders etc.
      • 2) education, health care, infrastructure
    • Gov and politics can be confused due to things such as capitalism.
    • Liberty & John Locke: Life, liberty and property. Growth in the idea of democracy.
    • Goods:
      • PUBLIC: Non-rivalrous (e.g schools)
      • TOLL: Excludable (Pay for them)
      • COMMON: Rivalrous but non-excludable (free but with a limited supply, e.g. fishing regs)
      • REPUBLIC/ REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY=political power to the people (e.g. US)
      • DIRECT DEMOCRACY=people participate in making gov decisions (e.g New England town meetings)
      • MONARCHY=one ruler who acts as legislative
      • TOTALITARIANISM=gov more important than citizens
      • E = Top-down, ruled by a set of elites.
        • (Wright Mills 'The Power Elite': gov controlled by business)
      • P=Bottom-up, political power rests with competing political groups
      • TRADE-OFFS=Series of tradeoffs or compromises that helps the majority through action and policy.
    • Civic Engagement:
      • Reason for Decline = no money or connections
      • Reason for Increase = news, city councils, online, protests, etc.
      • 2/3 participate, young less likely to be involved in traditional forms, concerned with newer issues, favor ideology of democrats, they find it difficult to vote.


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