Chapter 7 - PSC

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  • Chapter 7 - Voting & Elections
    • Voter Turnout
      • If low unhealthy democracy, smallest population is registered voters. (voting-age population and voting-eligibility population)
      • Elderly most likely to vote, socioeconomic status can hinder turnout (2 jobs, not educated), whiters highest, latinos and hispanic lowest, women more likely
      • Texas have strict photo ID laws, restricts Hispanics, young, those without a college ed, chronic minority and voter fatigue.
    • Voter registration
      • Elections are state-by-state contests, gen elections and offices.
      • Voter registration varies in each state; South after civil war has poll tax, literacy tests, grandfather clause aiming to disenfranchise black voters.
        • 1964 24th amendment helped end this but Shelby county V Holder threw out the VRA, the VRA made voting easier, Oregon even has automatic registration.
      • Residency requirements, voter ID laws, motor voter (Sign up to vote when they sign up for a driver's licence), not a in prison (not Maine), mentally capable.
    • Elections
      • Easy to run but there are state requirements.
      • Women struggle more than men due to family obligations.
      • Open and competitive seats (against running incumbent).
      • Less likely to run if you are poorer WAR CHESS
      • Finance laws and PACs, raise and spend money to influence politics. FEC reports how much organizations spend on contributions. Tillman Act prevents corps.
      • Most common is primary; party members use a ballot. (Closed and open)
        • Some states use a top-two primary (jungle); pits all candidates against each other, 2 finalists.
          • A caucus is a meeting of party members in which nominees are selected informally. select delegates.
      • Convention season, officially nominate presidential candidates. Gen elections 2-major candidates, debates and rules. Electoral college. WINNER TAKE ALL and DISTRICT systems.
        • Midterm elections are in the middle of the President's term, House and 1/3 senators REelected. COATTAIL EFFECT.
    • Campaigns & Voting
      • Fundraising, campaign managers.
      • General election easier for voters as they use party allegiance.
      • Straight ticket voting, retrospective, pocketbook, prospective,
      • Incumbency advantage and gerrymandering
    • Direct Democracy
      • Policy questions go directly to voters.
      • Referendum, initiative, petition.


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