Evil and Suffering

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  • Evil and Suffering
    • Augustinian theodicy
      • God created a world that is perfect
        • Evil came from decisions that humans made as they have free will
        • Suffering is a punishment from God based on Adam and Eve
      • God is good
      • Evil is the going- wrong of something that is good
    • Irenaean theodicy
      • God created humans so that they can develop
        • God gave humans the right to choose either good or evil
        • God gave humans free will
        • God had to permit evil and suffering
      • God created the world imperfectly so that it could develop into perfection
      • Perfection had to be developed individually
    • Free Will Defence
      • Provides freedom to make good or evil choice
      • The world is a good environment for humans to develop
      • God  cannot intervene as it would get in the way of human freedom
    • Process theodicy
      • God is also changing and developing
        • God started the evolutionary process which leads to the development of  humans
        • Therefore, God does not have total control of humans and they are free to ignore God
      • The universe is all about  changing and developing
      • As God is part of the universe he can feel everything
    • Criticism- Augustinian theodicy
      • If humans can choose evil, then it must have existed after a long time
        • Hell existing shows that God is not omni-benevolent
      • If the world is perfectly good then it can never go wrong
      • If the world is not perfect, then God is to blame for evil and suffering
    • Criticisms- Irenaean theodicy
      • Only produces misery and suffering
      • Suffering does not result in positive human development
      • Love can never be expressed by allowing suffering to happen
    • Criticisms- Free Will Defence
      • Is not a sound of an omni-benevolent God
    • Criticisms- Process theodicy
      • God is not omni-benevolent
      • Denies God is omni-potent
      • God allows evil and suffering


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