Evidence for secularisation

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  • Evidence for secularisation
    • A factor seems to be the move towards a multi faith society. There are too many world views for any one to lay claim to truth.
    • Church attendance has dropped and there are now fewer churches.
      • The proportion of each age group attending church declines with each generation. This suggests increasingly smaller congregations in the future.
        • Furthermore, the number of baptisms and confirmations has fallen. The percentage of all marriages has increased , however they may just marry to make families happy.
    • Criticisms of using statistics - difficult to establish trends, statistics cannot be guaranteed
      • Catholic churches may deliberately underestimate the size of their congregation so that they pay lower capitation fees.
        • Ont eh other hand, Anglican churches are more likely to overestimate participation to avoid church closures.
    • Validity is questionable as Hadaway et al investigated levels of attendance at religious services- estimated church attendance by counting number of cars.
    • The existence of NRMS
      • They are criticised for trivialising relgion.Make it easy for people to engage in spiritual shopping , rather than providing a set of norms and values.
      • Berger- Describes sects and cults as a spiritual refuge for the desperate in an increasingly secular society.


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