Frankenstein- Chapter 2

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  • Events and Characters in Chapter 2- Frankenstein
    • Scientific aspects 1780
      • Luigi Galavani
        • Italian scientist
        • Experimented on animal tissue
        • Used a machine that produced electricity and proved that muscles contracted in response to electrical stimulus
          • -Galvanism
      • Erasmus Darwin
        • (Charles Darwin's grandfather)
        • Name in preface of the novel (written by Shelley's husband) referred to experiments conducted by Darwin- 'spontanuous generation'
          • Influence on Mary Shelley + visited her home when she was a child
    • Relationship between Elizabeth and Victor
      • Feminine language used to describe Elizabeth
        • "her smile, her soft voice, the sweet glance of her celestial eyes were ever there to bless and animate us. She was the living spirit of love to soften and attract"
      • Difference between Victor and Elizabeth but they still manage to harmonise and how their diversity and contrast draws them nearer together
    • Henry Clerval
      • Indifferent to Victor also but they befriend one another
      • A romantic character- more creative than scientific
    • Victor
      • Describes idyllic childhood
      • Begins to develop interest in science, Victor realises science is powerful yet also destructive
      • He was serious and loud as a child
      • Was solitary, didn't like crowds and was alone at school- isolated from friendship (apart from Henry)


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