Ethical and cultural issues 2

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  • Ethical and cultural issues
    • Social well-being
      • Technology has increased peer pressure for children and adults
      • Employees can become stressed because they never switch off from work
      • Social interaction is neglected more because of smartphones
    • Cyber-bullying and trolling
      • Cyber-bullying is when somebody uses social media to harm someone else
      • Cyber-bullying can cause serious distress
      • Trolling is when somebody tries to cause public arguments with others online
      • Cyber-bullying and trolling is the result of the internet giving anonymity
      • The internet has made it easier for children to access inappropriate material
      • Parents can use parent-control software to try to stop children
      • Sexting is more common on smartphones
        • It can be dangerous as the person getting the data might not be trustworthy
        • There are now laws to help stop it
    • Health problems
      • Eyestrain can be caused by looking at a device's screen to long
        • To prevent, keep the screen away from the eyes and take regular breaks
      • Repetitive strain injury is when parts of the body become damaged from repeated movements
        • To prevent, have a correct posture and arrange your desk properly
      • Back problems are caused by sitting at a computer too long
        • Use an adjustable chair, foot rest and adjustable monitor


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