Ethical and cultural issues 3

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  • Ethical and cultural issues
    • technology changing our culture
      • Selfies have become really popular because smartphone cameras make them easy
      • Viral is a word used to describe videos on the internet which have rapidly spread
      • Social media allow people to publish art and writing
    • Technology changing how we do business
      • Streaming services have allowed customers to listen to media through a subscription service
      • The sharing economy is the name given to services which use new technology to let people make money from things they already own
      • These services are cheap, but they draw customers away from other firms
    • Technology has caused a digital divide
      • The digital divide is created by the fact that some people have a greater access to tech
      • People who have limited access are at a heavy disadvantage
      • Causes
        • Some people don't have enough money
        • Urban areas have greater network coverage than rural
      • People in richer countries have more access to technology


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