Computer Ethics

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  • Ethics
    • L1: Ethical and Cultural Issues
      • Growth of computer technology
        • 1980s - people started using computers on desks
        • 1990s - when people started to surf the web, they were using three or four computers at once
          • one to look at the web page; one to retrieve the web page; and a couple more to pass information over the internet
        • Today - we routinely use around 20 or more computers a day!
      • Will robots replace humans?
        • The world champion of Go (an ancient Chinese board game) was beaten by a program called AlphaGo
          • the same technology can be used to recognise faces, translate languages, show users relevant adverts, drive cars
        • People's jobs are being replaced by robots
          • Healthcare apps, healthcare robots (Mabu), etc
            • This can help manage diseases like epilepsy and diabetes
          • Care - childminders
            • this could cause severe attachment disorders in children
      • Shopping
        • Downside of retailing
          • space must be rented, often in an expensive location
          • staff are needed to unpack deliveries
          • shelves must be restocked


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