Ethical and cultural issues

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  • Ethical and cultural issues
    • Uses of technology
      • Ethical issues are about what would be considered right and wrong by society
      • Legal issues are what's actually wrong and right in the eyes of the law
      • Cultural issues are how groups of people may be affected
      • Environmental issues are about how we impact the natural world
    • Stakeholders
      • Stakeholders are people who have an interest in or affected by a particular scenario
      • They can include a company's owners, employees, the shop, customers, suppliers and the community
      • Each group of stakeholders has different priorities
    • Private information
      • Many websites require users to provide personal info
      • Cloud computing websites allow users to upload personal files to their servers
      • Companies can give your personal info to other users on the internet as long as it follows their privacy agreement
      • Users will have to accept the privacy agreement before they can access a website
        • This is bad because many people do not read the privacy agreement
      • Users can make themselves more private by changing their privacy settings
      • Users have to trust companies to keep their data secure
    • Censorship and surveillance
      • Internet censorship is when someone tries to control what other people can access
      • Many countries use censorship
        • For example in China they censor major social media sites
        • For example in the UK they censor sites that are bad for children
      • Computer surveillance is when someone monitors what other people are accessing
      • Many countries use some form of surveillance
        • Government intelligent agencies use packet sniffers and other software to monitor traffic
        • Internet Service Providers (ISPs) keep records of all websites visited by users
      • Censorship and surveillance are arguable topics
        • Some people disagree but some support them


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