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  • How far do you agree that Pop growth was the most important factor in causing social growth 1625-88
    • Factors to consider
      • population growth
        • 1625- 4.1 mill  1650-5.3mill. 1688-4.8 mill
        • led to increase urbanisation and trade
          • 400% more grain needed to more mouths to feef
          • 1/3 village pop left to find work
          • 35% pop in norwich = economic migrants
          • 1600- 8 towns-1700->5000
        • increase in merchant and professional class due to increased demand for services
        • mortality and fertility - increase in both until 1660- fertiltiy down
      • class
        • gentry threated power of the elites
          • 2% of pop owned 50% of land
        • increase in merchant class due to pop growth
      • Radical ideas
        • levellers
          • issued pamphlets- wanted wider voting rights
            • agreement of the people 1647+49
          • some members were high ranking army men
          • called for abolishment of h of l
        • Ranters
          • those predentend to be saved by god - could sin as much as they wanted
            • banned by blasphemy act 1650
        • Diggers
          • true levellers - basically communists
    • P1- yes as pop growth lead to an increase in urbanisation
    • P2- no as radical ideas were beining to spred
      • most couldn't read still
      • many were fearful of the radical
    • P3- yes as pop growth led to increase in the gentry and merchant class, threatening the elite class


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