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  • how accurate is it to say that the main cause of political instability was the restoration settelment 1665-88
    • LOA:  fear of Catholicism was the main casue
    • p1- agree - settelment was unclear and undid alot of what the rump and republic aimed to do eg stoped act of uniformity
      • caused problems due the religous aspects as many parts of the settlement favoured catholics
        • this casued instability as many did not trust Charles
      • settelemt was accepted by most inc parliment
    • P2- disagree - divine right and Catholicism
      • charles was not openly catholic but had pro catholic foreign policy eg anglo dutch war and treaty of dover
        • also introduced 2 acts of indulgence 1672
        • this casued instability as the country was protestant and feared catholisism greatly
    • P3- J2 and catholicism - fear heightened as he was openly catholic
      • was orginally accepted however after introducing more catholic leg became less popular
      • james was openly catholic - fears of changing the country's religion
      • popish plot had only heightened fears of Catholicism
      • birth of son = final straw which caused all out revolution
      • uncertainty of where the religion of the country was going
    • conclusion- although the restoration settlement may have caused some instability, it was its religious aspects which caused real conflict coupled with  the fear of Catholicism   which caused instability


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