Erik Erikson - developmental

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  • Erik Erikson - Developmental
    • Accepts many of freuds ideas but focuses on rational processes of EGO and not conflict between ID & SUPEREGO
    • 8 life crises - succesful resolution prepares child for next crises, failure to resolve will produces problems in future e.g. lack of trust
      • basic trust vs mistrust 0-1 years - must learn to trust others - diffucult if parenting inconsistent or rejecting
      • Autonomy vs shame and doubt - 1-3 years - learn to be autonomous - failing to achieve independece in feeding and dressing - doubt and shame on abilities
      • Initiative vs guilt 3-6 years try ot accept responsibilities beyond capacity - cause conflict in family - must balance with guilt
      • Industry vs inferiority 6-12 years comparioson to peers acquire socail and academic skills or fellings of inferiority
      • Identiy vs role confusion 12-20 years must establish social and occupational identidies or confusion about role
      • Intimacy vs isolation 20-40 years strive for companionship or feel isolated
      • Generativity vs stagnation 40-65 years - task is productive in work and family - looking after others or will become self-centred
      • EGO integretiy vs despair (old age) will review life sucesses and disappointments - may feel goals were unrealised


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