Environmental studies tracking test

This go over a brief overlook of what I learned in the first few weeks of college and what i was ttested on for my tracking test.

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  • Environmental Studies Tracking Test
    • Conditions for life on earth
      • Functions of water
        • Transport
          • it is a solvent in the blood and sap. It can transport things like; oxygen, carbon dioxide, sugars, amino acids, waste products, minerals, nutrients etc
        • physilogical solvent
          • most chemical reactions in cells take place dissolved in water
        • Temperature control
          • the evaporation of water can help cool the body down. Also the transpiration of heat into the blood.
        • Anomalous expansion of freezing
          • water heats up and cools down slowly , helping the rate and size of temperature changes staying moderatly similar
        • Habitats
          • Provides aquatic habitats. E.g lakes, rives and oceans
      • Temperature range on earth
        • most places on earth are above 0 so liquid water can be present
        • most enzymes require liquid water as a solvent and will denature at high temperatures
        • most living things range between 0-40
      • Ambient gases
        • they develope and sustain life
        • CO2 used for photosynthesis and controlling climate
        • nitrogen for protein photosynthesis
      • The importance of light
        • sunlight = energy
        • absorbed heat = warming the earth, energy of the water cycle
        • UV
        • Distance from the sun = control light levels and temperature
        • Daily rotation of the planet
    • Ecosystems


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