Unit 3: Ionising Radiation - Reducing Effects

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  • Reducing Ionising Radiation Exposure
    • Enclosing radioactive sources - ensures works have no direct contact = no contmaination
    • Protective clothing, machinery handling and washing minimises contamination
    • Absorbers prevent radiation reaching workers. Depends on type of radiation and space
    • Reduce distance from sources - doubling distance reduces dose by a quarter
      • Inverse square law - Dose received = 1/Distance^2
    • Reduce exposure period
    • Worker monitoring - personal-dose badges, photographic film badges (long-term exposure), air monitors (atmospheric particles) and contamination monitors (when staff leave work)
    • Environmental sampling - check if radionuclides are becoming concentrated
      • Chosen areas are most likely to be contaminated therefore a threat
      • Soil, dust, water, grass, milk, meat, fish, vegetables tested
    • Critical group monitoring - members of public most at risk tested
      • Some things assessed are, living area, drinking water, food, leisure activities and workpalce
      • Doesn't include people who are monitored at work


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