Environmental Ethics - Secular and Religious approaches

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  • Environmental Ethics
    • Secular Approaches
      • James Lovelock
        • Gaia Hypothesis
          • Daisy World Model that showed how dark and light daisies grew in a regulated way ensuring they both survived.
            • The earth is a self regulating organism and everything on earth participates in the regulation
          • Natural Selection works within this theory
      • Arne Naess
        • The Apron
          • Explanation of where people fit into caring for the world they line in.
            • Level 4: Practical Actions
              • Veganism, Vegetarianism and other ways of life
                • Agricultural farming, small environmental activist groups
                  • Peace movement, deep ecology and social justice movement
                    • Taoism Christianity Ecosophy Hinduism Buddhism
        • George Sessions
          • Deep Ecology Platform
            • 8 Key Points
              • 1. All life has intrinsic value
                • 2. Diversity creates well being for all
                  • 3. Humans must respect this responsibility
                    • 4. Human impact on the environment is excessive
                      • 5. Lifestyle and population change are critical
                        • 6. Human impact must be reduced
                          • 7. Political and economic systems must change
                            • 8. Those who accept the above must commit to a peaceful change
            • Deep Ecology sees all life forms as of inherent value and that human life is just one singular part of biosphere
              • It rejects any approaches that suggest human life is above all
      • Shallow Ecology
    • Religious Approaches
      • Saint Francis
        • Genuine and deep respect for the integrity of creation.
          • He invited all of creation to give honour and praise to the Lord.
            • Many Catholics believe that Saint Francis is an example to follow.
              • Realise we are caretakers of creation and shouldn't live to master or plunder it
      • The Bible
      • Rapture Theories
        • Judgement Day
          • It won't matter what state the Earth is in as it will be destroyed.
      • Matthew Fox


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