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  • Environment
    • Say something
      • It is talked about a lot and this is why I am interested in making a change
    • Many frightening Statistics
      • Although it may be boring to talk about i think that it should be interesting as it sometimes comes up in the news
    • Immediate Environment
      • Sure that most want to save the environment and this includes the parks and the country side
        • This makes us think about what we do
    • No part of earth is untouched
      • We can unfortunately see this in such examples as the ozone layer and endangered species
        • The earth is not as conductive as it used to be
        • Factories pour chemicals into our rivers daily.
    • Many different ways of helping
      • Planting trees helps the rate and effect of Photosynthesis
      • Use Public transport
      • Switch off lights and use florescent bulbs
      • Use water wisely and dispose of waste correctly
    • Fact
      • One tree soaks in up to 1 tonne of CO in it's lifetime
    • People are trying to save the environment and encourage others
      • Just remember that when you are against it, they are saving it.
    • A single quart of motor oil dumped on the ground or in the trash, can contaminate up to two million gallons of fresh water.


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