Factors effecting young children’s development

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Factors effecting young children’s development:

Environment: Depends on what type of educational settings child has been in it will affect their rate of development. If a child has been in a cresh then they would have interacted with other children and adults, they would have experienced playing with other people helping them develop socially and they would have used toys which would have helped them develop intellectually and physically. If the child had attended social activities like parent and toddler groups they will have an increased understanding than other children who haven’t attended as they would have interacted with group activities based around learning. Depending what kind of home a child belongs to, some children may learn at a higher rate, as some parents will take more of an active role in helping their child learn and develop.

Communication: If the child belongs to a large family they may learn to talk quicker, as there will be a lot of communication in the house, and lots of different family members to become role models for the child, normally children from a large family learn social skills quicker than children in a small family. However this isn’t always a good thing as older siblings or other family members may teach them language that is bad, for example if the


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