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UNIT 3 -Topic 1 ­ Energy Classification

1. Geothermal: in geologically active areas, heat from the earth can fuel power plants
and heat water. Elsewhere, the grounds constant temperature can be used to heat
and cool buildings
2. Nuclear: no other source of energy creates such heated discussion as nuclear…

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Energy isn't fairly distributed around the whole world as many countries depend on others
for a constant supply of energy. Non-renewable resources aren't distributed equally, for
example the Middle East region controls most of the oil, natural gas and uranium reserves.
Australia also owns high levels of uranium and coal.…

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trying to "transform" Malta into a completely green country, although not all homes are
prepared for it and the government lacks some means.

Growth in demand : - reasons
Current energy resources: - location , - supply and ­ output

Domestic supply: - What? ­…

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Q. what are the environmental issues associated with energy exploration and
extraction of resources in the Arctic?
The Arctic is a natural and untouched area which is habitat for many species in the world and
the Eskimo tribe lives there. The Arctic regulates the world temperature decreasing it,
therefore it's…

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Q. countries that solely rely on it for gas supply.
Bosnia-Herzegovina, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova and Slovakia

Q. earnings:
In 2012 its net income was US$38.7 billion and its revenue US$ 153 billion

Q. recent history:
Gazprom nowadays is mainly owned by the government in Russia therefore most…

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The role of Energy TNC's
TNC: Exxon-Mobile

Q. country headquarters.
Irving, Texas, United States

Q. areas of operation:
1. East Cammeron fields
2. South Timballer fields
3. South Pass fields off coast of Louisiana
4. Viocca Knoll fields
5. Rabbit Island fields
6. Main Pass

Q. share of market /…

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Is there enough energy?

2008 (million barrels/day)
Country Oil Consumption
USA 20.7
China 7.2
Japan 5.2
Russia 2.9
Germany 2.7
India 2.6
Brazil 2.2
UK 1.8

By 2010, global oil consumption is predicted to average 89.2 million barrels a day.
China's consumption will increase to 10% of the global total,…

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Canada 179.2
Iran 136.3
Iraq 115.0
Kuwait 99.0
UAE 97.6
Venezuela 80.0
Russia 60.0
Lybia 41.5
Nigeria 36.2
Kazakhstan 30.0

Peak oil and gas
Refers to the year in which global production will reach its maximum levels and then fall into
sustained decline.
Norway production has slumped by 25% since…


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