Energy from waste- Belfast

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  • Energy from waste- Belfast
    • Need for the project
      • Large amounts of waste produced
        • 1.29 tonnes every year
      • shortage of landfill sites
      • Environmental and health concerns
        • smell and safety
        • have been gas explosions
      • EU laws and targets
        • Belfast have not been able to meet targets so far
    • Recycling bins- residents sort waste and recycle more
    • reduction in black bin collection
      • Makes using other bins essential
    • Education and advertising
      • educating people on how to recycle
    • Waste treatment facility
      • Mechanical biological treatment facility (MBT)
      • MBT will sort and compact waste before going to landfill
      • Energy from waste plant
    • Energy from waste
      • Helps prevent energy deficit
      • Cost effective solution for economic downturn
      • Help provide local fuel supply
      • Works with current recycling
      • No harmful emissions
    • EfW
      • Generates energy from incinerating
      • No harmful emissions produced


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