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  • A Wasteful World!
    • Waste recycling at a local level
      • Re3 is a waste management partnership
      • Cans
        • They are baled at Biffa a waste management facility in South Hampton
          • They are then transferred to a repossessing      facility in Leicester.
        • They are first split into steel and aluminium and then reused, being made into products such as cars or new cans
      • Paper & Card
        • It is recycled in Maidenhead  where it is sorted and baled
          • It is then moved to the St Regis paper mill in Kent where it is turned into new packaging material
      • Plastics
        • They are recycled by Baylis Recycling at their plant in Kenysham near Bristol
          • The bottles are sorted into different types of plastics and products are made, e.g new plastic bottles
      • Glass
        • Glass is reproduced in Yorkshire where it is washed and crushed and mixed with raw materials to make new glass containers
    • Types of domestic waste
      • Glass
      • Cans
      • Plastic
      • Textile
      • Food
      • Paper
      • Garden
    • Types of waste in general
      • Domestic & Industrial & Comercial
      • Biodegradable & Non-biodegradable
      • Hazardous & Non-hazardous
      • Solid or Liquid
      • Municipal
      • Agriculture
    • Germany waste disposal
      • Landfill (domestic)
        • 160 landfill sites
        • Waste has to be treated before being put into landfill
        • A treatment plant is sited in Luebeck, Germany
          • The plant can treat 200,000 tonnes of domestic waste annually
      • Incineration (domestic)
        • There are 68 incinerators in Germany
        • The plant at Darmstadt incinerates 212,000 tonnes of waste a year
        • Other incinerators are mini-power plants which burn waste and provide energy to local homes & busnisesses
      • Recycled waste (domestic)
        • Germany recycles 60% of its waste
        • All products that can be recycled have the 'Grune Punkt' emblem
      • Nuclear waste
        • Low-level waste is stored around the country at 50 locations
        • High level nuclear waste is stored in Siberia and recycled in the UK and France
    • How energy is being wasted and solutions
      • In industry
        • Office devices that are left running
        • It is estimated that £570 million is wasted on energy by industry in the UK every year
      • The domestic situation
        • Heat escaping through the roof and the walls
        • Heat loss through single glazed windows
      • Solutions
        • Wind power
        • Reduction of council tax
        • Combined heat and power schemes
  • They are baled at Biffa a waste management facility in South Hampton
    • They are then transferred to a repossessing      facility in Leicester.


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If you are studying "Wasteful World" as an option then this is a very useful resource because it visualises the main areas of content that you need and gives examples too. One to print out...

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