GCSE History Elizabethan England- Exam Questions

These are all of the questions that you will need to learn for the exam. Let me know if you want anything else uploading. Hope this helps :)

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The Elizabethan Age 1558-1603

Life for the rich and poor:
Describe the lifestyle of a rich Elizabethan.
Describe a mansion lived in by a rich Elizabethan.
Explain why some Elizabethans became very wealthy.
How did the lifestyle of the rich change in Elizabethan times?
Describe the lifestyle of the poor…

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Miss E


A great resource for revision, it is so important to practise writing exam questions and become familiar with a range of questions. Start by highlighting ones you think you could answer and write a few bullet points on them. Then move onto revising the ones you are not so sure about. Make sure you know how many marks each one is worth.



Really good resource, tons of great questions, very helpful



resource would be better with answers attached thanks

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