GCSE History Elizabethan England- Exam Questions

These are all of the questions that you will need to learn for the exam. Let me know if you want anything else uploading. Hope this helps :)

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The Elizabethan Age 1558-1603
Life for the rich and poor:
Describe the lifestyle of a rich Elizabethan.
Describe a mansion lived in by a rich Elizabethan.
Explain why some Elizabethans became very wealthy.
How did the lifestyle of the rich change in Elizabethan times?
Describe the lifestyle of the poor during the time of Elizabeth.
What was vagrancy?
Explain why poverty was a problem.
Explain why vagrancy was a problem
What were the reasons for poverty in Elizabethan time?
Explain why there was so much poverty in Elizabethan times.
How did Elizabeth and her government attempt to help the poor?
How important was the Poor law act of 1601?
Religion during the Elizabethan age:
Describe the religious settlement of 1559.
Describe Elizabeth's `Middle-Way'.
How important was the translation of the Bible into English?
Explain why Elizabeth tried to solve England's religious problems in 1559.
Explain why there were Catholic plots against Elizabeth.
What was a Catholic Martyr?
Describe Elizabeth's treatment of Mary Queen of Scots.
Explain why Mary Queen of Scots was executed.
Explain why the Puritans were a threat to Elizabeth.
Explain why Elizabeth was excommunicated by the Pope in 1570.
How successful was Elizabeth in dealing with her religious problems?
Did Elizabethan deal successfully with the religious problems in her reign?
Foreign and maritime affairs:
Describe an Elizabethan galleon
Who was John Hawkins?
Explain why John Hawkins established the slave trade
What was a colony?
Explain why Sir. Walter Raleigh became involved in colonial ventures.
Explain why Sir. Walter Raleigh attempted to establish a colony at Virginia.
Explain why Elizabethan Sailors were interested in the Spanish Main.
Describe the achievements of Francis Drake
How important was Francis Drakes voyage around the world?
Describe the activities of the Elizabethan seadogs
Explain why the Spanish Armada was sent to England
How important were the fire ships in defeating the Armada?
Explain why the Spanish Armada was defeated.
Explain why the defeat of the Armada was important,

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Miss E

A great resource for revision, it is so important to practise writing exam questions and become familiar with a range of questions. Start by highlighting ones you think you could answer and write a few bullet points on them. Then move onto revising the ones you are not so sure about. Make sure you know how many marks each one is worth.


Really good resource, tons of great questions, very helpful

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