Early Elizabethan England

  • Society was based on inequaltiy and social hierachy
  • 90% of the society lived in the countryside and 10% lived in towns
  • The nobility, gentry, yeoman farmers, tenant farmers, the landless and labouring poor and the homeless and vagrants - IN THE COUNTRYSIDE
  • Merchants, professionals, business owners, craftsmen and the unskilled labourers and unemployed - IN THE TOWNS.
  • In Elizabethan society there was an obedience and care system whereby the people of higher social class had the responsibilty of taking care of those below them. Lower class citizens had to obey those above them socially. This was also true for families whereby the Husband/ father was in charge of his household and everyone was obliged ot follow his orders

Elizabethan Government

  • The court - made up of noblemen who acted as the monarchs advisors and friends


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