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  • Elizabeth's court
    • the court
      • made up of noblemen who acted as the monarchs advisors and friends.
        • they advised the monarch and helped display her wealth and power.
      • members of the court could also be members of the Privy council
    • The privy council
      • members of the nobility who helped govern the country.
      • they monitored parliament, justices of piece and oversaw law and order and the security of the country.
    • Parliament
      • Advised Elizabeth's government
      • made up of the House of Lords and the House of Commons
        • house of lords was made up of noblemen and bishops
        • house of commons was elected, though very few people could vote.
      • passed laws and approved taxes
    • Lord Lieutenants
      • noblemen appointed by government
        • who governed English countries and raised the local militia.
    • Justices of peace
      • large landowners. appointed by the government
        • who kept law and order locally and heard court cases.
    • the monarch
      • government in Elizabethan England centered on the monarch.
      • monarchs of England believed they had the right to rule by the "grace of god" - known as the divine right.
      • Elizabeth I made government policy, making all the important decisions with the advice of her Privy council.
        • she could declare war, make peace, call and dismiss parliament, rule in some legal cases, grant titles, lands, money and jobs.
    • the secretary of state
      • Most important privy councilor
        • the person in government that she was closest to, and advised the queen on matters important to the crown.
      • the most important person to hold this position was Sir William Cecil who held the position until 1573


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