Electoral Commission

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  • The Electoral Commission
    • The Electoral Commission was created in 2000 by the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act. The Commission is independent from government and party influence and has the key responsibility of overseeing and strengthening democracy in the UK.
    • Registers political parties.
    • Advises and explains the rules relating to campaign finance and election spending.
    • Ensures political parties comply with legal requirements.
    • Sets criteria by which elections are run.
    • Reviews and reports on how well elections are run.
    • Reviews and reports on all UK elections and referendums, with suggestions for improvement.
    • Advises parliament and is consulted on changes to election laws and regulations.
    • Approves the wording of referendum questions to ensure fairness.
    • Educates the public on how to register to vote and on the importance of registering.


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