Effects of unemployment

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  • Effects of unemployment
    • self-respect and identity; might feel low self esteem and feel that you need to become dependent on the government meaning that you have a lack of dependency.
    • Confidence; can cause depression and lack of self confidence due to always being put down, when you don't get a job. Might drink mass amounts of alcohol, smoke or even drugs.
    • Financial security; provides choices, opportunities and freedom. Might worry about how they are going to be able to feed and cloth their family.  Low income results in lack of exercise
    • Stimulation and enjoyment; find it difficult to have a set day, e.g. at wok you have breaks, start/finish times, whereas at home it is hard to keep occupied.
    • Opportunities and new skills; to develop new skills e.g. training. Being unemployed means you could also have the chance to be come self-employed or go to college.
    • Leisure time; they might not have the time or money to do things e.g. children want to go to brownies; have to pay mouthy/uniform/ trips etc to be part of the group.
    • Social relationships; work friendships and supports existing relationships within the family. tension can cause arguments, fights and marital breakdown.


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