Effects of poverty

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  • Effects of poverty
    • Deprivation
      • Going without basic and necessities such as heating, food and effective means of transport. People may not be able to feed and clothed themselves.
    • Lack of leisure pursuits and activities
      • Children may not be able to go on school trips and feel left out. They might find it hard to join clubs which cost money, such as dancing, or needing uniform for the clubs.
    • Stigma and lack of status
      • Children might not have the newest gadget eg mobile phone, hangbags. Socially excluded if they don't have these items.
    • Inadequate housing conditions
      • Living in damp housing. Be overcrowded as not enough bedrooms.
    • Ill health
      • Meaning less money therefore people cannot afford to provide food for the family. This can lead to poor health.
    • Locality
      • Poor areas, might mean less doctors, schools, high crime rates. Business and shops might end up closing due to run-down area,
    • Strain on individuals and relationships
      • Can often have arguments, over money and budgeting. Mental and physical health problems. Esteem can be very low. Relationship with outside family memebers can also suffer
    • Finances
      • They have limited money therefore cannot afford any luxuries. Might have to take out loans, which can make things worse. if cannot afford to pay bills then end up In debt and might get kicked-out.
    • Social exclusion
      • May not be able to take part in doing things that everyone else can do. Lack of resources.


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