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    • Population trends and patterns
      • Declining m0rtality rates
      • Declining fertility rates
      • Untitled
      • Dvances in hygiene and medicine
      • Religious beliefs
      • the role of women in society
      • Cultural expectations
      • the working age population
      • Migration into the UK
    • Impications for individuals
      • More people living alone
      • Greater need for healthcare
      • increased retirement age
      • Increased life expectancy
      • Increased ownership of goods and demand for services
    • Implications for the family
      • fewer primary schools
      • Smaller Families
      • Changing to caring roles
    • Implications for society
      • Age of workforce
      • a shortage of young people
      • Influence on culture
      • increased need for housing
      • greater mobility
      • More dependency on the working population
      • increased poverty
      • Increased demand and cost for social and health care
    • Popualtion: is defined as the number of people inhabiting a specified area or space, as measured by some kind of Cenus
    • Demography: the study of characteristics of human population, such as size, growth and vital statistics.


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