Effects of hosting the (2012) Olympic Games: Drawbacks

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  • Effects of hosting the (2012) Olympic Games: Drawbacks.
    • Pressure on construction companies to be finished on time.
    • Some facilities may become obsolete.
    • Jobs are only available for a short period of time.
    • Benefite of Olympics are only in industrial areas. i.e. rural areas don't reap any benefits.
      • E.g. Oakham, no substantial improvements to the surrounding area made, just the areas directly around Loughborough.
    • Organisations underpressure
      • Too much emphasis on elite performers than mass participation.
    • Increased costs to local housing.
    • Pollution and overcrowding
      • Transport disrupted due to increased congestion.
    • Only Olympic sports get publicity.
    • Increase in crime
      • Terrorist threats
        • increased cost of security to prevent this.
        • If things go wrong, poor publicity for the UK.
    • Drugs scandals.
      • Sport reputation suffers.
    • Higher local council taxes.
    • Country could go into debt - cant afford the facilities.
      • especially if a country is in an economic crisis.
      • People could lose homes to new buildings/facilities.


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