Influences on the rebirth of the Modern Olympic Games

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  • The Rebirth of the Modern Olympic Games (influences).
    • 3 Main influences:
      • The Dover Games
      • Public school athleticism
        • All round mind and body
        • Team work, trust
        • Honour
        • Leadership, loyalty
        • Endeavour
        • Integrity
        • Co-operation
        • Sportsman ship
        • T
        • I
        • M
      • Much Wenlock Games and Dr. William Penny Brookes
    • Pierre De Coubertin's 'vision'
      • 'Using sport to educate young people and bring them together as a way of increasing international understanding.'
    • Aims of the Olympic Games:
      • Link sport with culture and education.
      • Develop peace and understanding among nations.
      • Educate young people through sport.
      • Fight discrimination.
      • Develop fair play and friendship.
      • To build a peaceful and better world through sport.
    • Philosophy of the Games (Olympism)
      • Balance between body, mind and spirit.
      • Joy from effort.
      • Role Modelling to educate and inspire others.
      • tolerance, generosity, unity, friendship, non-discrimination and respect for others.
  • Originally the Games were strictly for AMATEURS.


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