Bangladesh Flood 2004

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  • Effects and Responses to flood in a LEDC - Bangladesh, August 2004
    • Causes
      • Monsoon Climate - heavy rain
      • Spring Snow Melt - soil erosion and a rapid increase in river discharge
      • Deforestation - trees cleared for fuel and grazing land
      • 80% of Bangladesh lies on huge floodplains
    • Effects
      • Economic
        • 1.5 million tonnes of rice lost and 500 factories
          • Takes years to recover and unemployment rises
        • 100,000 suffer from diarrhoea
          • Lots of money spent on medical care and labour shortages due to illnesses
      • Social
        • 700,000 homes destroyed
          • More diseases spread and money needed to rebuild and find shelter
    • Responses
      • Immediate
        • Charities providing £12million in overseas aid such as Oxfam, Christian Aid, Red Cross & Water Aid
        • Oxfam provide water purification tablets and buckets
        • Food supplies, medicines. clothing and blankets distributed by Red Cross
      • Long Term
        • Flood shelters and cluster villages built
        • Local communities begin to rebuild their homes
        • Embankments built in some places to reduce flooding
        • Flood warning systems improved


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