LEDC Bangladesh Flood

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Cause of LEDC Bangladesh Flood


Monsoon rainfall- some parts of the Ganges basin receive 500mm of rainfall in a day during the monsoon

Three massive rivers converge in Bangladesh- the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna- massively swells discharges

Snow melt affects the rivers too, as ice and snow melt from glaciers and mountain peaks in the Himalaya works i way into rivers

75% of the country is below 10m above sea level and 80% is classified as floodplain


Deforestation of the Himalaya- reducing interception rates which means shorter lag time and higher peakdischarge

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Effects of LEDC Bangladesh Flood

The 2004 floods lasted from July to September and covered 50% of the country at their peak

At the time of the July 2004 floods 40% of the capital, Dhaka was under water

6000 deathes were reported and 30 million people homeless

100,000 people alone in Dhaka suffered  from diarrhoea from flood water

Bridges were destroryed and the airport and major roads were flooded

The damage to school and hospitals were eastimated to cost $7 billion

Rural areas also suffered,the rice crop was devastated as werre importanr cash crops such as jute and sugar

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Responses of LEDC Bangladesh Flood


Within Bangladesh food supplies, medicines, clothing and blankets were distributed

Water Aid helped by bringing water purification tablets and education campaigins


The United Nations launched an appesl to raise $74 million, but had only received only 20% of this by September

In the long term a Flood Action Plan is in place in Bangladesh, but the emabankments which are suppose ti protcect against flooding have not alwayts been successful

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