effect of poverty on a child's educatiion

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  • the effect of poverty on a child's education
    • the different ways:
      • 1.Higher levels of sickness in poorer homes may mean more absence from school and falling behind in lessons
      • less able to afford books, toys and unable to access a computer at home
      • poorer parents are less likely to have access to pre-school or nursery facilities
      • students from poorer families are more likely to have part-time jobs e.g. paper rounds or babysitting
      • lack of parental interests (Douglas)
    • supporting evidence
      • the introduction of tuition fees in higher education puts working class children off going to university in fear of debt
      • the introduction of marketisation means that those who have more money have a greater choice of schools
    • evaluation points
      • Marxism: blames the working class when they are the victims of social inequality
      • postmodernist: there is no longer a distinct working class today also no distinct underclass
      • treats the working class culture as inferior when in fact it is just different to middle class culture


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