Claimants to the English Throne- 1066

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  • Edward's Death and Claimants to the throne
    • In 1066 Edward the confessor dies childless.
      • He had strong connections to Normandy. Where Duke William had ambitions of the English throne.
      • Edward had a long standing rivalry with the powerful Earl Godwin.
      • Edward's mother was Norman. He had spend his childhood in exile in Normandy.
        • When he came back to England he spoke Norman-French. All his closet advisors where Norman.
      • some Norman sources have suggested that Edward was a very religious man who took a vow of celibacy
        • However modern sources suggest Edward refused to have children with Edith because of the hatred towards his father-in-law
    • The Godwin Family
      • Power: Earl Godwin was the most powerful Anglo-Saxon noble, he controlled Wessex, He had lots of military power and Edward relied on him heavily
      • Rivalry: Earl godwin had been involved in the murder of Edward's brother Alfred in 1036 on a trip to England, while the danes where running England. Godwin had become the most powerful earl by supporting danish king's and eliminating rivals to their power.
      • Family: Edward Married Earl Godwin's daughter Edith when he became king as a political arrangement made by Godwin to Secure his Family's power.
    • Harold Godwinson: Earl of Wessex
      • Family ties: Harold was Edward's brother-in-law
      • Harold Godwinson claimed Edward promised him the throne (likely) as Edward did not hate him
    • William Duke of Normandy
      • William was a cousin of Edward, Through Edward's mother, who was William's great aunt
      • William claimed Edward had promised him the throne upon his demise. Godwinson also supposedly made a trip to normandy promising william the throne
    • Harald Hadrada King of Norway
      • Harald Hadrada had no direct blood ties
      • Magnus had been promised the Kingdom of Denmark by Harthacnut, who was king of England in 1040-1042. In 1064 Harald gave up trying to claim Denmark and switched to England because Tostig invited him to  join him rebelling against his brother Harold Godwinson
    • Edgar Atheling: Great nephew of Edward
      • Great Nephew of Edward and last Anglo-Saxon prince alive
      • It is possible that Edward wanted an Anglo-Saxon prince to succeed him


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