Education- Class differences in achievement

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  • Education- Class differences in achievement
    • External Factors
      • These are the outside the educational system, influencing in the home and the family background and wider society
        • when families fail to socialise their children correctly they grow up culturally deprived.
          • cultural deprivation
            • Language; e.g restricted code
            • Parents education, if the parent receive good education then they want their children to achieve  otherwise history repeats.
            • Working-class subculture: have different beliefs, goals and values form the rest of society.
            • criticism's of cultural deprivation theory
              • Children cant be deprived from its own culture
              • Dismisses that failure at school  is from home background
              • Working class have a different culture not deprived
        • Material deprivation
          • Lack of material necessities such as adequate housing and income
            • Poor housing , by over crowding or child's health and welfare
            • Diet and health, they intake lower vitamins and minerals as well as more behavioural/emotion problems
    • Internal Factors
      • Labelling
        • To attach a meaning or definition to them.
        • Working class: disruptive,loud and a troublemaker
        • Middle class: Ideal pupil, passive learner and quiet
      • The self-fulfilling prophecy
        • 3 stages;
          • 1). The teacher labesl the student, making predictions about them.
            • 2). Teacher treats the pupil accordingly acting as if they were the prediction.
              • 3).Pupil internalise the teachers expectations which becomes part of its self-concept or self-image. Either advantaging or disadvantaging their success in education.
      • Pupil subculture
        • Pro-school subculture; pupils in higher streams and values education
        • Anti-subculture; pupils having lower self-esteem and the school have placed tgem in lower strems .
      • Streaming
        • Its the separation of children into different ability groups or classes called 'streams'
        • Children are more or less locked In to their streams and they get the message that their teacher have written them off to them.


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