East or West - Similarities and differences

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  • East and West - Similarities and differences
    • Similarities
      • occupying powers in control
      • Range of parties
      • Committed to 'democracy' and Potsdam
    • Differences
      • East - Top down; West - Bottom up
      • East - Anti-Facist bloc and Puppet parties; West Seperate parties
      • East - SED; West SDP and KPD Separate
    • The Western Zones of Germany were the most democratic, because there were free elections which were not rigged and a range of parties which people could vote for, each which had their own true identity. In contrast, the Soviet Zone was not at all democratic, because there was not a 'true range' of parties. Even if it didn't look like it all parties were effectively voting for the communists therefore totalitarian.


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