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  • E-Commerce
    • Selling your product online.
      • Typically through online shopping
    • What does a business need to set up a shop online?
      • A good quality website
        • Easy to navigate
        • Clear but distinctive appearance
        • It may be worth investing on getting a good website designer
      • The ability to maintain the website
        • Need to update products, sales, offers etc.
      • Information on the products the company has
        • Needs to be linked to the wesbite
        • Information database
          • Product names
          • Images of the products
          • Number in stock
      • Secure Method of Payment
        • May be directly through the organisation
        • 3rd Party
          • E.g. Paypal
    • Customer
      • Disadvantages
        • May order from a fraud site
        • Full price may not be initially obvious with VAT + Delivery
        • Can't get a real feel of the product before buying
          • E.g. Cant try on clothes to see if they fit before purchase
        • Miss out on the social pleasure of shopping
        • Concern about security of bank details
      • Advanatages
        • Can shop 24/7
        • Wider choice of products with customer reviews
        • Easy to compare prices between shops to get the best deals
        • Cost saving if there are no shops. Don't have to pay for their bills.
        • Environment advantage - don;t have to travel to the shop
    • Company
      • Disadvantages
        • Online shops are more vulnerable to hackers and blackmail
        • Harder to form customer relationships
        • Costs of delivering, packaging and administration
        • Profit margins may be cut due to price comparisons
        • Selling 3rd party products may have delays from the stock holder, causing frustration
      • Advantages
        • Always open for orders worldwide
        • No risk of shoplifting - easy to keep an eye on stock
        • Low start-up costs
        • Fewer staff needed to deal with customer queries
        • Can quickly update prices and respond to competition


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