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  • Oats
    • Oats are usually grown in fairly temperate regions for example Canada or Russia.
    • Oats can produce many different products and a few are oatcakes, muesli, porridge, biscuits and more.
    • There are many different conditions for grpwing oats including that the soil needs to be well drained and it needs partial sunlight and the seeds are sewn in the area that has the driest soil and the most sun.
    • The nutrtitionalvalue of oats is that it has no cholesterol, 389 calories, it is 17% protein and 7g of fat, therefore it is very healthy for you.
    • Once the grains are harvested they are dried , then many other processes such as grading, when a machine shows which ones are good or otherwise,     kilning and sizing and cutting.
    • Oats are the  third largest crop to be grown in the United States.
    • Oats caused a strong dispute between England and Scotland because Samuel Johnson's dictionary defines an oat as a grain but Scotland says that "it helps people and then they said that that is why England have got strong horses and we have strong men"


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