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  • Drought
    • A prolonged period of abnormally low precipitation a shortage of water resulting from this
    • In the UK an official drought is declared when at least 15 consecutive days go without more than 0.2 mm of rain
    • 2003 European Drought
      • Impacts
        • Human death toll exceeding 30,000
        • Worst natural disaster for 50 years
        • Farm livestock died and crops failed at the cost of £13.1 billion euros to farmers
        • Power shortages in France and Germany because nuclear power stations need water to be cooled
        • Tourism increased in the UK (holidays at home)
        • Over 25,000 forest fires recorded (400,000 hectares burned)
        • Transport suffered - road surfaces melted, railway tracks buckled under the heat
        • Glaciers melted in the Alps
      • Management
        • Polluting less
        • Using less water
          • Campaigns for shorter showers and showers instead of baths
          • Self-closing valves in public toilets
          • Hose pipe ban (used in the UK)
          • Meditteranean-style plants that require less water
          • Use grey water (from bath) to water gardens / flush toilets / wash cars
          • Precision farming - satellite information to estimate biomass, deliver this to farmers who make decisions on sustainable management of their land
          • Store water to use on parks, etc by building dams/reservoirs near them
          • Use GPS to plant seeds, know exactly where to water
          • Government control over rivers to avoid some states overusing / depleting supplies to others
            • E.g. USA and Australia
            • If a river runs through more than one country an international agreement may be needed e.g. River Nile and River Jordan
            • Have accurately calculated water quotas for countries, regions and individual farms
          • Drought  tolerant plants are being developed
            • Bred a wheat variety 'Dysdale' which yields 5% more than the other varieties under dry conditions
        • Reduce evaporation by building irrigation pipes underground
        • Use buffer stocks to control supply and prices of produce


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