Causes of drought

low level of precipation means fall in ground water aquifer

High demand when demand exceeds supplu

soil degration - reduces soil ability to hold water

vegation dies

water run off

less infiltration so soil more dry therefore exposed to wind/ water eroision

Desertification- spread of desert like conditions

Drought lefs to famine, malnutrion- vulnerablity greater in LEDCs and sahel countries 

In photosynthesis plants release water called transpiration

Evapouration - water is evapoured Evapotranspiration

ITCZ - bigger thunderstorms= more rainfall locally - prolonged rainfall is a good thing

Food Security - have access to food

Normadic = more around to follow rains

Substeince = provide enough to survive no surplus

Global distrubtion of Drought risk

Medittrean sea


Central USA

Sub-suharan Africa- causes the


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